Hi I'm


A UX designer serving the greater Seattle area.

I hope to design things that leave the world just a bit better than when I found it.

Recent Projects

UI Design | Web Design | Case Study

Ascend Gymnastics

A website redesign for a gymnastics brand.

Product Design | Case Study

Humpback Swims

A booking page re-design for a whale swimming company.

UI Re-Design | Case Study


Playstation 5 app redesign for the anime streaming service Crunchyroll.

Product Design | Case Study

Coordinated Entry System

Branding design and flowchart redesign for A Way Home Washington.


You Must Know Everything

An animated short from the dad, daughter duo podcast about life's “Vexing Questions”.  To be aired on PBS and YouTube.

Side Quests

A collection of art, illustrations, and other personal side projects.

Just a Smidge About Me

Hi! I'm Savannah Johnson

A UX Designer

I am a designer with a passion for creativity, authenticity, and problem solving.  I Graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor in Visual Communication Design as well as a User Experience Design Certificate.

I strive to make products and designs that not only look good but are functional and evolve with the users and time.  I am someone who loves a good puzzle, and approach my design work with a critical eye and find out of the box solutions to user’s needs.

Outside of my UX work, I am often found at home sheltering away from the rainy Washington weather.  You can find me watching all sorts of shows and movies, playing video games, reading a book, or *gasp!* occasionally braving the great outdoors with my family and dogs.